Saturday, September 17, 2011

The 4-1-1 on Taking Oils Internally using Capsules

I have gotten lots of questions lately about using our CPTG oils in capsules. Can I make up the capsules ahead of time? How do I fill the capsules? If you want to try your doTERRA oils in capsules, here are some useful tips you can use:
What kind of capsules do I buy?
First, the capsule I buy are vegetable based and can be inexpensively purchased at a health food store like Whole Foods or Henry's or even on Amazon. I buy either the 0 or 00 sizes. Size 0 is smaller than size 00 - but they are both easy to swallow.
How much oil goes in each capsule for the "allergy recipe?"
For the allergy recipe, I use 2 drops of peppermint, 2 drops of lavender, and 2 drops lemon. I take two pills per day if I am facing major allergy symptoms. I have also added a drop of Melaleuca or Oregano at times if I feel I might have an infection going on.
Can I make the capsules up early and use them over time?
You can make up two days worth of capsules and not have concern about the oils breaking down the capsule or leaking. Lemon oil will cause the capsule to soften over time. Some people online recommend only doing capsules two days in advance. I suggest you experiment a bit! I have had a capsule sitting on my dresser for over a month and it has not softened at all...unfortunately I can't remember what oils I put in it! (If you do try to have oils made for a long duration, be careful of their sunlight exposure.)
I can't get the oils to drop right into the capsule! Are there any tricks?
Some of the oils are thicker than others. For the most part, I am able to just drop the oils into the capsule without making a mess. Some people love to use pipettes (Here is one option) and be more exact in the oil dropping process. You can also buy glass pipettes. You may wish to use your stickers and label individual storage bags for each pipette so that you can reuse them and not mix up the oils. (The pipettes are also helpful for filling sample bottles and the tip is small enough to go in the top of the orifice on the sample bottle.)
It is kind of a pain to fill the capsules one at a time....any tips on that?
I have seen people on the Google Group who have had a handy guy (or gal!) take a small block of wood and create a capsule holder. Pat shared, "My husband made me a small block of wood with tiny holes that fit the capsules perfectly. He varnished it really well so the oils would wipe off if I spill any. I can make six at a time."
I need a bunch of different oils, can I just put them in with my Slim and Sassy?
Yes, that is one thing I love about doing capsules! I just combine whatever I need into a pill or two and am done! The sweet spot with Slim and Sassy seems to be 25 drops per day - most people break this down into a few capsules per day.
I feel like I might burp up the oils OR I feel like the capsule gets stuck in my throat.....what can I do to help this?
A few tips come to mind on this question. #1) Drink LOTS of water. I generally do at least a cup of water with the capsules as I want to push it down! I don't know if the amount of water is important but I know if I drink enough water, I don't have problems. I also like to have something to eat afterwards - particularly if the capsule I am taking is particularly unpleasant! Finally, some people like to add a few drops of coconut oil to their capsules. Simply put the drops of oils you want to consume inside the capsule and fill the remainder with coconut oil. The people who do this say the coconut oil takes care of those types of problems!


  1. Isn't it important to NOT combine certain oils together? When filling capsules you should only put oils together with ones they compliment and in a certain order. The modern ess book gives info on this...

  2. many drops of oil can each sized capsule hold?